Tuesday, 20 May 2008

U Wanna Little Of This on UK iTunes

U Wanna Little Of This has been released to UK iTunes, you can purchase the 5-track EP for £3.95 or get the songs individually for 79p. The tracklist is as follows:

01 U Wanna Little Of This (WAWA Radio Edit) 02:43
02 U Wanna Little Of This (Ali Payami Radio Edit) 02:20
03 U Wanna Little Of This (WAWA Vocal Mix) 07:23
04 U Wanna Little Of This (Ali Payami Club Mix) 06:22
05 U Wanna Little Of This (WAWA Dub) 06:56

U Wanna Little Of This (WAWA Radio Edit) Video

Here's the video for the WAWA edit of U Wanna Little Of This :D


Monday, 21 April 2008

U Wanna Little Of This: Video

Here's the video for Ricki-Lee's UK release of 'U Wanna Little Of This'. The release has now been pushed forward to 19th May (Digital release) and 26th May for the physical release.


Thanks to Ricki-Lee forums!

Friday, 18 April 2008

U Wanna Little Of This!

Big UK news...'Can't Touch It' is definitely being released in the UK! Its title has changed to 'U Wanna Little Of This' and it's out to download on June 2nd, with the physical being released a week later. A promo CD has surfaced from electropeople.org.
It's very different to the original but could be a big hit in the clubs!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Ricki heading to the UK in April!

Ricki-Lee Coulter is planning an all-out British assault, with plans for a major promotional tour to the UK.
"There's a very big chance of me going overseas - it's going to be a really exciting year," Coulter says. "I'm also going to think about writing a new album while I'm overseas."
But before she heads to Britain in April to capitalise on her signing to the Ministry of Sound label, Coulter will appear as part of a massive Australia Day Concert in Canberra.
The show, scheduled for Friday night (ahead of Australia Day on Saturday) is the annual, official show staged on the lawns of Parliament House. It has grown in size over the past few years to the point where this year it has some of Australia's best-known artists, including Coulter, the Veronicas, Ben Lee, Thirsty Merc and Katie Noonan.
Coulter, who was born in New Zealand, says she's now a proud Aussie when it comes to singing her heart out for her country. But, while much of her success in the pop world has been focused here, Coulter's excitement at her Ministry of Sound signing is hard to contain.
"It's just a huge opportunity," she says. "I worked really, really damn hard in 2007 and I definitely will be this year as well. There's so much on the horizon."
Coulter, who departed Young Divas (somewhat wisely, in my opinion) says she was pleased to have broken out of the Australian Idol mould, particularly in relation to female artists from the show.
"I have broken the barrier a little bit. I haven't done what everyone else has done," she says. "I went independent, it's very different. We don't have the huge budgets that everyone else does but we work really, really, really hard."
Coulter's fervent work ethic is set to continue in what she hopes will be her biggest year yet.
"I'm really loving the path that I'm on at the moment and I wouldn't turn back for the world," she says.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Ricki-Lee to star on It Takes Two

Ricki-Lee will be replacing Paulini as a celebrity singing mentor on Australian hit TV show It Takes Two. Her run will begin on 12th February 2008. View article here:


Credit to Ricki-Lee's official forum!

'Brand New Day' Japanese Release

'Brand New Day' was released in Japan on 9th January, with a brand new cover and tracklist. Hopefully the same one will be used in the UK!

1. Cant Sing A Different Song

2. Can't Touch It

3. Hell No! (Cabin Crew Remix)

4. Melody of Life

5. It's Just Life

6. Take Me To A Place

7. Clouds

8. World Go By

9. Alone No More

10. Love Is All Around

11. Real Good Time (featuring Jah Mirikle)

12. I Appreciate You

13. Sunshine

14. Brand New Day